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We strive to propose you delicious, easily digestible and nutritionally sound products.

How do we do this? 
Simply by selecting the best ingredients without preservatives, colourings or additives that are harmful to your health, especially during exercise.

Mulebar products are systematically cited as being among those that can be digested without any problems. It's normal, there's nothing but natural in them, look at the list of ingredients, you'll see for yourself! 


Our environmental commitment

Absolutly engaged to reduce plastic

Our innovative, responsible products limit waste and single-use plastic by being reusable (resealable caps on gels and pulps, reusable silicone vials, eco-refills on gels...).

Our gels tubes cost a fortune! That's the price we have to pay if we don't want to find them all over the place like those of other brands, which don't reseal, leak and stick.

Visit the blog to read in-depth articles about our products, their ingredients and how to use them to best effect. 

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Tasty & healthy sports nutrition

Since 2008, Mulebar has been campaigning for 100% natural sports nutrition, based on the principle that having fun during exercise is essential to perform.

Anyone who has experienced difficult finishes to races knows that the mind systematically takes over when the body fails. Most of the competing brands that have been praising performance for years have also come to the same conclusion, pleasure and taste first, proving that we were right all along!

Our products are therefore all designed with a focus on premium ingredients, taste and texture but also ease of consumption and plastic reduction. We have always sought to innovate, whether through original recipes for our energy bars or fruit purees, with our reusable energy gels and their resealable caps or with our eco-refills bottles of energy gels to be consumed pure or diluted in water.

Quite a revolution to put an end to the single-use plastic gel tubes that can be found everywhere on the roadsides.

The only risk you take trying Mulebar is to get addicted and never go back to your usual nutrition brand. Try it for yourself, it's never too late to change your habits.