Energy gels

When we bought the Mulebar brand in 2015, we wanted to innovate in the gel market, which was dominated by laboratories and was losing ground because it did not meet the new expectations of practicality and naturalness.

The first observation was the pollution linked to the use of single-use plastic tubes and bags that cannot be resealed and from which a little sticky gel always leaks out even after consumption. Far too many people prefer to throw them on the floor rather than dirty their pockets or bags. We are not even talking about the little break-off tabs that are almost always on the floor because they are so small.

The second was the demand from sportswomen for products that are smaller, less sweet, less pasty to ingest and with more natural ingredients that avoid the stomach aches that are so common during races.

We therefore found THE solutions to meet each of these legitimate expectations :

  • Tubes with a truly resealable cap that prevents the product from leaking once it has been taken, but above all makes it easier to take in several doses. It is advisable to avoid taking too much sugar at once (cotton leg effect or reactive hypoglycaemia). The human body does not like excess.
  • Reusable tubes: a world first! Long before recycling became fashionable, thanks to the creation of our eco-refill range.
  • Rounded corners so that our tubes don't pierce the very fragile technical textiles that cost a fortune.
  • A very fluid texture that is easy to ingest during exercise when you have a very dry mouth, without needing to drink too much to get it through, but also easy to dilute to make a drink. The powders eventually dry out and always leave a very acidic undiluted deposit at the bottom of the can.
  • High quality natural ingredients and as few as possible. Of course, no preservatives, colourings or artificial fragrances, which are still very present on the market. Look at the composition of your gels as you do for everyday food. The energy base of our Mulebar gels is made of brown rice syrup mixed with agave syrup for a very fast energy supply that will also last until the next gel.

New flavours such as Coffee, Lemon Ginger or Salted Caramel have become standard on the market.
If all this doesn't convince you that we have created the best gels in the world, try our fruit purees or our energy bars.

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