By choosing Mulebar you make an ethical, social and environmental choice

The positive impact of Mulebar

When you buy a Mulebar product, in shop or on our website, you are directly helping to protect the environment!

From 2007 to 2019, Mulebar was a member of the 1% for the Planet association, which in France links 260 corporate sponsors with 510 associations working to protect the environment. We reluctantly had to put this partnership on hold at the start of 2020, in order to reduce our financial costs. We hope to restart as soon as the situation improves.

How do we reduce the risk of plastic littering?

Our products are designed to be consumed outdoors, on hiking trails, mountain passes, snow-covered slopes, etc. We make life easier for nature lovers and limit the risk of waste by developing innovative packaging !

We're proud to have been the first brand to create energy gel ecorefill bottles since 2013, and energy gel tubes that are really resealable and refillable! Gone are the days of sticky, non-reclosable single-use plastic tubes that the less scrupulous (and unfortunately there are many of them) throw into the environment.

Order less but better

Reducing your carbon footprint also means ordering intelligently. We have introduced a free delivery service for orders of €100 or more. Given that Mulebar products generally have very long use-by dates, take advantage of this to space out your orders and reach this minimum amount rather than ordering once a month (there are many who have succumbed to the Amazon syndrome).

You'll save money, reduce cardboard packaging and the number of lorries on the road, and help Mulebar reduce its costs.

Our social commitment

Several of our products (mixed bars or gels boxes) need to be tailored made. We are working closely with the French association ESAT supporting disabled persons to find a job, and work like everybody else.

There are more than 1000 centers in France, offering a lot of services : order preparation, audiovisual, electrical installation.. Mulebar is extremely happy with this collaboration and strongly encourage it !