Who are we?

Wondering who is behind Mulebar?
How long has the company been around?
Why Mulebar? How was the idea born?
Is the brand French?
Is an Olympic champion really at the head of this company?
We tell you everything!

Our story

Mulebar’s story starts in 2002, on the edge of the Andes on the slopes of Acongagua (6962m), the highest point in South America. Alex and Jimmy, two sportmen and adventurers realize during their failed ascent, due to digestive issues related to their diet, that the market was missing truly 100% natural energy bars, efficient and succulent at the same time.

When back home, they started coocking bars with cereals, seeds and fruits for their own needs and those of their cycling buddies. Word of mouth and a growing demand over the years lead them to quit their jobs to set up their company in 2007. For a brand name and a logo, they chose the mule, very enduring animal but also as a tribute to Plaza de Mulas, the name of base camp N°1 before climbing Aconcagua. All the porters use mules downunder.

In 2009, Grégoire Dandres, a French sales guy, meets Alex and Jimmy by chance and decides to take Mulebar’s distribution for France. At that time, the sports nutrition market was very quiet, most of the brands belonging to pharmaceutical laboratories, very few are 100% natural and tasting good, the only priority being performance. Mulebar's success was immediate with its breakthrough approach highlighting naturalness, pleasure and taste with truly innovative recipes. Today most of the competition brands highlight naturalness and pleasure, a great recognition for Mulebar more than 10 years later!

                                             Gregoire Dandres picture

In 2014 Grégoire meets Denis Gargaud, professional athlete in canoe slalom, who is looking for a distributor for DUO TONIC his young brand of 2 in 1 Bev/gel. In 2015, they bought over Mulebar together from Alex and Jimmy. Mulebar is now a French brand, based in Marseille, but still cooked with passion in Sunderland and Newcasttle.

2016 is mostly dedicated to fund raising to give the brand a facelift with a new logo, new attractive packaging, more organic and vegan references, a range of fruit pulps and new gels packaged in a reusable tube with a flip flop cap. Duo Tonic then goes under the Mulebar brand and becomes eco-refills for gels. Also in 2016 Denis becomes Olympic champion in Rio, sales are accelerating, the brand is opening up internationally and the team is growing. 
                                    Denis Gargaud Olympic gold medalist in Rio

In 2019, Denis decides to devote himself 100% to canoeing in the hope of qualifying for the Tokyo Olympics. He withdraws from the operational side of the business but remains an associate involved in the design of new products with his friends, all professional athletes.

2020 marks a black year for Mulebar with the Covid crisis and the stopping of all competitions for very long months, several confinements and the closing of shops around the world. The brand is in great danger. The decision is taken to separate from the team in order to continue the adventure. Grégoire Dandres remains alone on board to try to save the Mule.

March 2021 marks the extraordinary recovery of sales, especially via the internet, with a great success of our eco-refills of gels linked to the #noplastic movement, then the return of competitions and the reopening of shops in France and abroad. Unfortunately, many have decided to skip nutrition or to drastically reduce the offer, that's their choice. Denis missed qualifying for Tokyo but won the French championships, the European championships, the World Cup and finished 5th in the World Championships. His sporting career was relaunched with the Paris 2024 Olympic Games as his new objective.

                                        Denis Gargaud 2021 European champion

Mulebar is saved and starts again with a very flexible organisation, new distributors in the United Kingdom, Reunion, the West Indies and very soon in Asia where the brand is very popular.

The story goes on and given the countless expressions of sympathy received during the crisis and the number of new customers acquired in recent months ... the most beautiful pages of the brand are yet to be written.

I will not give up!
Grégoire Dandres