Gel ecorefill bottle / Energy drinks

The concept of the gel eco-refill was created by Denis Gargaud in 2013 under the brand name Duo Tonic. It was in 2015, the year Mulebar was acquired, that the two brands were combined.

The concept of eco-refills is revolutionary for several reasons:

It reduces the use of single-use plastic gel tubes or sachets by reusing empty resealable tubes or 60ml silicone vials or 150ml flexible flasks. The PET bottle is recyclable.
The large packaging reduces the price by 33% compared to 12 tubes bought individually, so it is a way to offer cheap energy gels.
This allows the gel to be consumed pure or diluted with water, which is much more practical than powders that end up drying out, and it takes up less space in a suitcase or sports bag.

A 2 in 1 gel or drink product, a 444g refill allows you to fill 12 tubes of Mulebar energy gels, 6 Silicone 60ml vials, three 150ml soft flasks or to create 6 litres of energy drink by diluting one volume of gel in 500ml of water.

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