Protein bars

Like all our sports nutrition bars, our protein bars are 100% natural and vegan. Pea protein, almonds and tasty strawberries for one or ultra-crispy soy balls with chocolate for the other, that's it! No preservatives, no chemical colouring and no synthetic flavouring!

Generally consumed after exercise to provide the body with proteins that help repair damaged muscle fibres, our protein bars can also be consumed during a long effort (marathon, trail, long bike rides) and even as a snack because they are very low in sugar.

After sport, our vegan protein bars are ideal for an optimal recovery thanks to their quality ingredients.

Pea protein and almonds for the Strawberry Almond bar

Soy protein and good chocolate for the chocolate bar

Protein is known to repair muscle fibres damaged or broken during exercise.

Some people use protein bars during long events and even as a snack because they are really excellent for satisfying a small hunger as a snack.

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