MULEBAR / refillable silicone vial 60 ml

  • Single-handed, re-closable plug
  • Anti-drip valve
  • Washable and reusable at will

Our 60ml silicone vial (BPA-free) is the essential tool to get rid of disposable plastic gel tubes or sachets.

Fill them with the 444gr gel refills/energy drink bottle to carry the equivalent of two gels 37gr for training or in competition

A 60 ml flask content represent 1L of beverage once diluted

This Silicone vial is an integral part of our eco-refill system for gels, designed to put an end to single-use plastic, even though our gels are resealable and reusable after rinsing in hot water. They're the only ones on the market!

It's important not to consume a gel all at once, but in several doses, to avoid the blood sugar spikes our bodies don't like. It's better to maintain a stable level than to yo-yo.