Plant based energy gels 37g / Apple (24 gels)

  • Reclosable cap, can be taken in several doses (avoids blood sugar peaks)
  • Easy to digest, no digestive problems
  • Rounded edges: does not pierce fragile technical tissue
  • Gel to be consumed at the beginning of the race
  • Best before date : May 30th 2025

€51.18 Save 10%
Instead of €56.87

Full of anti-oxydant, this gel is perfect to start a race

Each 108 calories serving offers around 25g of carbohydrate from brown rice syrup – which carry a high glycemic index of 95, thus delivering the quick burst of energy gel users are after. These are combined with agave syrup, which has a GI index of 15, and thus adds a slower release follow up. Each gel contains around 0.1g of Himalayan salt crystals, to help replace the goodies lost in sweat and ward off cramp.

Mulebar gel tubes are refillable with our eco refill bottles