Plant based energy gel 37g / Cherry

  • Antioxidant (avert stiffness)
  • Reclosable cap, can be taken in several doses (avoids blood sugar peaks)
  • Easy to digest, no digestive problems
  • Rounded edges: does not pierce fragile technical tissue
  • Gel to be consumed at the beginning of the race
  • Best before date : September 30th 2024

sssssssssssSSThis Mulebar Cherry antioxidant gel has been specially designed to support muscular activity during training and racing. With 114Kcal per 37g tube, it will give you all the muscular energy you need for your sporting activity. Made from 100% natural ingredients, it contains no preservatives or colourings. So there's no risk of stomach problems during exercise.

Its liquid texture makes it easy to absorb, especially during exercise when the mouth is very dry. However, it is advisable to consume it in several doses (which is possible with its resealable cap) and to drink water immediately afterwards to remove the sugar from the mouth.

Note that Mulebar gels are water-soluble at a rate of one tube per 500ml. It's much more practical than powder to make your own energy drink.

This gel is certified vegan and gluten-free.

The pack of 5 cherry energy gels, the box of 24 cherry energy gels or the cherry gel eco-refill bottle will help you save money.

Here are the ingredients benefits in Mulebar cherry antioxidant energy gel :

  • Brown rice syrup is a sugar produced by fermenting rice. It is an excellent alternative to sugars because it allows the body to assimilate them gradually. It has a mild flavour and a honey-like consistency.

  • Agave syrup is rich in iron, an essential trace element for the body. Iron facilitates the transport of oxygen in the blood. It is a constituent of the haemoglobin in red blood cells, which carry oxygen from the lungs to the tissues. Agave syrup strengthens bones thanks to the calcium it contains. It contains silica, which together with calcium plays a role in preventing decalcification and osteoporosis. It contains potassium, which is essential for the body to function properly, helping to build and maintain muscles, particularly the heart, and neurons. It has a higher sweetening power than white sugar, and its glycaemic index (15) is much lower, helping to avoid insulin spikes. It is therefore particularly suitable for diabetics.

  • Cherry juice, rich in vitamins and minerals, improves recovery by increasing antioxidant capacity and reducing inflammation and lipid peroxidation. This contributes to better muscle recovery following sporting activity.

  • Himalayan pink salt is very rich in trace elements, particularly iron, which promotes blood regeneration and improves circulation. It helps to maintain healthy lungs and improve respiratory function. It helps to restore blood pH (acid-base balance). It acts on gastric reflux problems

Why use an antioxidant energy gel ?

The body is put to a severe test during sustained training or competition: repeated muscular contractions, inflammation of tendons, tissues and joints, production of CO2 and lactic acid... With an increased risk of injury. Antioxidants are the solution!

Muscular effort produces free radicals by consuming the oxygen in the blood. These radicals attack and destroy our cells, causing what is known as "oxidative stress", which is one of the causes of cramp. The body then organises its defence by producing antioxidants. The external supply of antioxidants is necessary when the effort is intense because oxygen consumption increases. This is the case for endurance sports in general and marathons, trail running, cycling and triathlons in particular.

When to use an antioxidant energy gel ?

We recommend consuming an energy gel on average every 45 minutes to 1 hour during a race. Depending on the intensity of the effort and your own energy needs, this could be every 30 minutes. It's also important to drink water or an isotonic drink after consuming an energy gel to facilitate absorption of the nutrients and remove the sugar from your mouth. This can quickly become unpalatable and lead to tooth decay over time.

Don't take any gels on a race without first trying them out during training. During these tests, you need to assess the quantity that suits you best and at what intervals. To test and make up your own mind about our Mulebar gels, we have created a 'discovery' pack with 2 tubes of 37g of each flavour.

Ingredients :

Brown rice syrup, agave syrup, cherry juice, Himalayan pink salt crystals.

Nutritional values :



Energy kJ



Energy kCal



Fat (g)



Of which satures (g)



Carbo-hydrates (g)



Of which sugar (g)



Fibre (g)



Protein (g)



Salt (g)