Refill bottle gel - Energy drink / Coffee (444g)

  • Energy : Boost effect (100mg caffeine)
  • Economical : 12 gels in a bottle (save 33%)
  • Natural : Easy to digest
  • Practical : Easier to carry than powder
  • Best before date : September 30th 2024

This coffee energy gel contains 100mg of caffeine per dose. That's the equivalent of two strong espresso's. It is recommended from the middle of the race to the finish line thanks to its super boosting power. It is also suitable for night races where you need to stay awake.

This 444g gel refill allows you to fill 12 Mulebar 37g resealable gel tubes rinsed with hot water or 6 silicon flasks of 60Ml or 3 soft flasks of 150ml. A good way to do away with plastic gel tubes, it's ecological !

You can also make mix a drink : 12 x 500ml bottles by diluting this gel in water

A Mulebar eco-refill is 33% cheaper than 12 individual gels, so it is also very economical !

You can keep your refill in the fridge for 2 months after opening

The bottle is made of recyclable PET