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Our Lemon Zinger MuleBar Kicks energy gel has high GI sugars from brown rice syrup that provide the carbohydrate equivalent of rocket-fuel.

Medium-GI sugars (fructose from organic, naturally sourced agave nectar) give a gradual release of energy which is effective for fuelling endurance exercise. Lemon juice and ginger are included as excellent immune stimulators and potent antioxidants.

The formula also contains naturally sourced caffeine in the form of guarana, this helps to support cognitive function and may actually help gear-up the body to burn fatty acids as its primary fuel.

Hydration is supported by the natural electrolytes in Himalayan crystal salts which provide a full-spectrum of trace minerals.

* All our Kicks energy gels are best taken with a sip of water.

MuleBar Lemon Zinger energy gel features


  • Reclosable and reusable tube style packaging
  • 112 Kcal and 28g carbohydrate per gel
  • 100mg sodium from Himalayan crystal salts for hydration
  • A combination of fast and steady releasing carbohydrates to refuel muscles
  • Vegan Society registered 
  • 50mg caffeine per 37g serving

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Saddle talk...what folks are saying about us

I bought the lemon gel which has a caffeine boost. They taste nice - the nicest of all the MuleBar Kicks gels and given the caffeine also seem to give the biggest boost. Tasty and easy to consumeevanscycles.com
I have used your gels and bars in the past and found them to be fantastic!Chris, triathlete  


Organic Lemon Zinger sports energy gel by MuleBar Anna Frost, London 2013


During exercise, take 1-2 Kicks gels per hour. After exercise take 1 Kicks or 1 ReFuel within 20 minutes. 

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Organic brown rice syrup, organic agave nectar, organic Sicilian lemon, concentrate 2%, natural guarana extract (flavouring), natural ginger flavouring, Himalayan crystal salt
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