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Our unique & organic Cherry Bomb MuleBar Kicks energy gel is an antioxidant explosion!

Cherry juice concentrate has been shown to have extraordinary antioxidant content, whilst the high GI sugars from brown rice syrup provide the carbohydrate equivalent of rocket-fuel.

Medium-GI sugars (fructose from organic, naturally sourced agave nectar) give a slower release of energy when taken before endurance exercise. Hydration is supported by the natural electrolytes in Himalayan crystal salts which also provide a full-spectrum of trace minerals.

* All our Kicks energy gels are best taken with a sip of water.

MuleBar Cherry Bomb Kicks energy gel features

  • Reclosable and reusable tube style packaging
  • 108 Kcal and 27g carbohydrate per gel
  • 100mg sodium from Himalayan crystal salts for hydration
  • A combination of fast and steady releasing carbohydrates to refuel muscles
  • Vegetarian Society approved
  • Vegan Society registered


Saddle talk...what folks are saying about us

MuleBar Kicks, Lemon Zinger & Cherry Bomb got me through (2013 London marathon) - Suzie, marathoner
Really like it and has made a huge difference on my energy levels and taste great - evanscycles.com


 Maurice, French Mule


During exercise, take 1-2 Kicks gels per hour. After exercise take 1 Kicks or 1 ReFuel within 20 minutes. Use our Energy Guide 


Organic Brown Rice Syrup, Organic Agave Nectar, Organic Cherry Juice Concentrate 12%, Pink Himalayan Crystal Sea Salt.

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