Why MuleBar?

There are a lot of energy brands out there in a crowded market. Why choose our products?

Natural Tasty Energy

* MuleBars are tasty, just try one. We know that sounds silly but a lot of energy bars taste & feel like cardboard

* We work hard to offer something unique & tasty to eat

* MuleBar products give you energy, naturally. We can't say it clearer than that

* Made with ingredients you recognise so you know what you're eating


* Real food ingredients tested used by World Champions & our own Mule adventureres

* Don't let the packaging fool you - all products are fine-tuned to help your body perform at a high level

The future, the environment

* We use Fairtrade ingredients in our energy bars & ReFuel protein bars

* Organic ingredients accredited by the Soil Association are used in our MuleBar energy bars and Kicks energy gels

Customer comments & press

* Please don't just take our word, read some customer comments
* See what the press have been saying about us over the years

Who's using MuleBar?

* More and more of the world's top athletes are fuelling up with MuleBar; and we mean Tour de France winners, World champion Ultraman racers, Ironman competitors and triathletes, footballers, World Cup winning rugby players, surfers, sailors, kite surfers, kayakers, downhill (and uphill) Mountainbikers, High altitude mountaineers, free climbers, slackliners, rollers skaters, bladers, boarders and skiers, frisbee players, sculptors, winemakers and dairy farmers (yes really), golfers, gymnasts and yes, last but not least, even crossword setters. (Please write to us if you are not included here.)

Cheers. Jimmy and Alex.