Mountain Mayhem, 2013. Muddy!

Meeting Princess Anne, 2013


Steve and Mini-Mule.

Mountain Mayhem...

One of our fave' pictures.

Our original & first Mule.
En route to the podium, 2014.

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We met Steve back in the swirling mists of 2007 at the Trans-Scotland stage race. Since then we have been fortunate enough to call him a Mule. We are in constant awe of his strength, skill and downright bloody-mindedness as soon as he gets aboard his singlespeed...

Steve in Steve's own words.

Looking back, I think most of my life has involved bikes of some kind or another… BMX.., moto-x.., x-country.., downhill.., Triumphs.., single-speeds! It’s also involved a fair bit of hockey too, including a number of years playing at first team level.
After growing up and spending days on end at the local BMX track, and 10 years of moto-x, I eventually discovered mountain biking at University while studying for my degree in Engineering. Since then, I have never looked back... mountain bikes seem to have always been there, while other hobbies have come and gone. Motorbikes have also been there too, and I have spent the last 18 years engineering them for Triumph – a dream job if ever there was one!

mulebar, mule bar, energy bar, sports nutrition, steve day, triumph bikesTriumph engineer by day

Having become disillusioned with downhill (too much standing around) & normal XC riding (too short!), I started getting into long distance rides such as the Merida Marathons in Wales and had found something I really enjoyed – the mix of endurance and being out there on your own really appealed to me. This lead to competing solo in the 2005 Mountain Mayhem and Sleepless in the Saddle – I will never forget the feeling of finishing my first solo 24-hour – what an amazing sense of achievement mixed with complete exhaustion! Back then, there was no way I could ride for the whole event, and a break was needed to overcome tiredness and hunger.

In 2007 I bumped into Jimmy & Alex at the Trans Scotland – a week-long stage race from Selkirk, across the Southern Upland Way and back again, taking in a few of the 7-stanes trails and a number of special stages along the way... I even managed to cross the line on one of the linking stages ahead of the rest of the field. Ever since then, I have been riding in Mule Bar colours... something I am very proud to do.

In 2009, I found single-speeding! Since then, my riding skills and endurance have improved significantly... riding a bike with no gears and no suspension really makes you think about lines and carrying as much speed as possible through the technical bits and singletrack. My passion for single-speeds has meant that I no longer own a bike with gears, just a mix of single-speed or fixed road bikes, cross-bikes and mountain bikes.

Recent highlights.

  • 2010 Dusk ‘till Dawn – 3rd Overall
  • 2011 Kielder 100 – 18th overall, 1st single-speed. One of the toughest events I have ever done, with less than 25% of entrants finishing the full 100 mile loop.
  • 2012 Mountain Mayhem - 5th overall solo, 1st solo single-speed, winner of the Nick Wallis Single-speed Memorial trophy
  • 2013 Mountain Mayhem – 2nd overall solo, 1st solo single-speed, retained the Nick Wallis Single-speed Memorial trophy
  • 2014 Mountain Mayhem – 4th overall solo, 1st solo single-speed, retained the Nick Wallis Single-speed Memorial trophy, broke the 200-mile barrier and completed 210 miles and climbed 27500ft
  • 2014 Torq 12:12 – 1st overall solo, 135 miles in 12 hours
  • 2014 SSUK – 2nd overall (by a wheel!)
  • 2014 D2D - 2nd
Steve Day single speed hero

MuleBar faves.

Big fan of the Choc-Orange, Strudle & Pinacolada bars, but new fave is the Eastern Express (spicy nutty lovliness!!!)

Gels wise Coffee & salted caramel, with a bit of fruity strudle when I need something sweeter/fruitier


We love riding with you (altho' we never see you!), fuelling you & calling you a Mule.
Thank you.

Steve Day single speed hero