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MuleBar energy bars in South AfricaMuleBar energy bar. Jimmy's Choc OrangeCafe Cortado energy gel Anna Frost. Lemon Zinger energy gel Organic Apple Strudel energy gel Cafe Cortado energy gel with a fan High protein bar by MuleBar in the Netherlands Mule Anthony Forsyth  

MuleBar Energy Bars

'A while ago I’ve discovered your MuleBar energy bars and I think that they are amazing. They contribute a lot to my everyday training and hopefully the success of my goals'
Bastien, triathelete 

‘Mule bar fuels are some of the tastiest, moistest bars that you can eat’
Cycling Weekly 

'Been using your products for several years and plan to take MuleBars on rides. Your bars are our fave energy snacks - especially Summer Fruits and Strudel'
Andy, cyclist

'I had 3 MuleBars today and despite getting up at 5am these days and it being the end of the week/shoot I have had LOADS more energy all day and have felt unstoppable. I think I’m hooked! Been eating them all day, they worked for us and they are delicious!'
Candy, film director

'There are lots of French trail runners who love your bars'
Olivia, trail runner

'The amount of energy in the bars was a surprise to them and they were pleased to see they wouldn't have to eat 5 mars bars to keep their energy levels up. The range of flavours was great and everyone found at least one flavour they thought was very tasty'
Antenatal class, Winchester

'Intrigued by the interesting flavours, I bought a few and tried them. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they actually tasted great'
Paul, cyclist

'I love your MuleBars so much so that I have bought too many. Can they be frozen?'
Brian, devoted customer

'Have enjoyed the MuleBars on many occasion before during and after cycling and kayaking'
Mark, cyclist & kayaker

'I am a long time lover of MuleBar energy bars (especially the Liquorice bar which is amazing!)
Phil, expectant father

'At the back of my food locker I was delighted to find one of your chocolate and fig mule bars it tasted delicious and was all I needed to get home'
John, cyclist & paramedic

'I discovered MuleBar last year at the PassPortes du Soleil. I love it'
Jacques, skier

'I have been using your products for the past year and have been extremely impressed' 
Craig, cyclist

'A huge fan of your product (my favourite is the liquorice allsports!)'
Lucy, climber 

‘I’d eat this as a snack- seriously...stick a couple in the backpack’
Road Cycling UK 

'One of our climbers has used you stuff before and I personally have used it on a couple of 3 day expedition races I competed in and found it to be tasty unlike some other brands I tried'
Shane, climber & kayaker

'A 'natural and tasty' bar attracted me'
Joas, marathoner

'The MuleBars and gels went down really well last year in the goodie bags at the Speyside Way Ultra Marathon'
Sarah, marathoner

'Super taste, super size, super all round. I read some reviews (bikesoup) and they got 4.5 out of 5!! Impressive'
Terence, cyclist 

‘MuleBar Choc Orange energy bar went down an absolute treat and for us sits alongside their liquorice bar as their finest work to date’
Bike Radar 

'I recently started using MuleBar energy bars (Jimmy’s Choc Orange) and gels (cafe cortado with guarana) and been impressed with the product as well as the values of the company'
Mike, elite cyclist

Kicks Energy Gels

'... in my excitement of finding a vegan friendly energy gel'
Rebecca, web customer

'MuleBar Kicks, Lemon Zinger & Cherry Bomb got me through (2013 London marathon)'
Suzie, marathoner

Cafe Cortado by @MuleBar; wow, what flavour! Truly delicious & perked me up no end :o)

‘These energy gels certainly do the job- in an all natural and earth-friendly way’
Road CC

‘Absolutely brilliant, every flavour is a winner'
Cycling Weekly

'I have used your gels and bars in the past and found them to be fantastic!'
Chris, triathlete

'Tried the bars and gels. They're awesome'
Mauricio, trail runner

ReFuel Protein Bars

‘Absolutely brilliant, every flavour is a winner’
Cycling Weekly

'Chocolate Date ReFuel one of the 25 best lunchtime choices for men'
Men's Health

'Work, Rest & Play...Yes, I recommend this product. Much, much better than a Mars Bar, or even a banana!'

‘Verdict was simple, they taste good and they fill the hunger gap’ 
Shred Magazine

'All good, love the gels and could eat the refuel bars for fun'
Richard, twitter

'The Apple strudel bar is a win after sailing or, chocolate banana refuel after cycling…. variety is the key :-)'
Simon, sailor


‘Our Editor set a PB on the Men’s Running Towpath Challenge after guzzling this. Result.’
Men’s Running Magazine

'MuleBars were by far the tastiest and most palatable - the guys couldn't get enough - in fact we ended up buying more on the ride, when they had run out, rather than stomach some of the 'sports' bars by other companies!' 
Peter, cycle event organiser

'But what I believe made this possible was finally having worked out a calorie schedule that works for me. I used solely MuleBars and Kicks Gels - two gels every hour and one bar per hour kept me going. Breaking it down like that made it more manageable than thinking I needed to ingest 18 gels and 9 bars during the run. I had no stomach issues and these will be my staple as I return to crack the 100 mile distance next year.'
Tim, ultra runner

'I have used MuleBar nutrition (mule bars and gels) for the Berlin Marathon (1st marathon in a time of 3.31) and all of the sportives I have ridden and absolutely love your products'
Yusuf, runner & cyclist

'I used some of your products to see me through training and the ride itself. I was very impressed with all the products used' 
Lee, cyclist

General energy love...

'MuleBar is socially conscious and environmentally aware'
Lucy, photographer

‘This is good enough to eat when you’re NOT on your bike’

'As a long-time Mule fan, I love the company's ethos and, of course, the taste(!)'
Tom, runner

'We love it, we know our biking buddies will love it and we want to tell the world about it'
Tim, cyclist

'MuleBar is massively popular in the Southern UK mountain bike community' 
Will, D/H MTB

'Your products are real food, organic and Fairtrade, which is how I eat and shop on a daily basis'
Luke, adventurer