MuleBar, Natural, Tasty, Energy bars, made in the UK. The gaucho, inspiration, brand.

Our Story. Natural Tasty Energy.

This image IS MuleBar. Our name and iconic silhouette was inspired from this one photo of a mule and gaucho forever climbing...

The MuleBar story starts with us high in the Andes on Aconcagua, back in 2002. Guides supplied us with a host of different bars that made our stomachs bad, and we knew immediately we could make better energy bars at home. 

After making prototypes in our kitchens, we pedalled them around races to have people try them. We rode the Trans-Scotland stage race, then the Cape Epic and kept testing them until we were turning up to races and being told our bars were better than the ones on sale...lightbulb moment.

Our 5 simple guidelines to natural tasty energy.

* Nature
* Taste
* Performance
* Environment
* Simplicity

Teaming up with Matt Lovell, who at the time was England RFU's nutritional advisor, we spent long hours cooking up more prototypes, getting the bars better and better, tastier and tastier and delivering more and more energy.

MuleBar has summited Everest, has ridden and sponsored the incredible Absa Cape Epic mountain bike stage race, the 2009 - 2011 Tour of Britain...the Megavalanche series...the list goes on and on. The key thing is it's Fuel for Adventure, for everybody's personal adventure....

We don’t just care passionately about food but where food comes from and the impact it has on our whole environment. We are Soil Association Organic accredited (which means you can refuel whilst still remaining ethical) and for good measure, we use Fairtrade ingredients where we can.