MuleBar, events, natural, tasty, energy, bars, fairtrade, organic, compostable, made in the uk

MuleBar was born out of countless hours of racing bikes
and running across the mountains at events all over the world.

We still get to as many events in the year that we can, plus sampling/exhibiting at trade and consumer shows.

Below is a list of events that the MuleBar team will be at in person or our race ambassadors, our Mules, will be attending and ripping it up. 


* MuleBar Girl dates
* IAM Cycling dates
* Unior Tools Team dates

 MuleBar, Brighton Big Dog, XC, Race, natural, energy, made in uk, organic, fairtrade

 MuleBar, DIrt Divas, womens cycling, natural, tasty energy, energy bar

MuleBar, natural tasty energy bars, energy gels, protein bar, made in the uk, sports nutrition, fairtrade, organic, ipswich, crafted classique, sportive 

August 16th
Brighton Big Dog

Mule, Mike T, racing 

August 17th
Dirt Divas
Women's cycling
skills courses 

August 29th
UCS Ipswich & Coastal
Giro 'd espresso
Mules racing... 


September 6th
Questars Adventure Race
round 5

Mule, Anna Frost
The Rut VK and Ultra 

27th September
King of the Combe 




28th September
Dirt Divas

28th September
Steve Day, Mule
3 Peaks Cyclo Cross race 

11th October
Steve Day, Mule
Bikefest 2014

19th October
Dirt Divas
23rd October
Mule, Anna Frost