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The reason we founded MuleBar was to go on adventures.

That sounds simple but that's what we love doing with our friends and family.

Along the way, we've come across some incredible people who are committed to training hard and staying true to their goals and making them happen, and we mean that in all walks of life, not just on mountains or out racing.

Those people are an inspiration to us and we have tried in a very direct way to help them on their way by fuelling their adventure.

We call them Mules since they carry our energy bars, energy gels and protein bars across the planet spreading the news about MuleBar.

The 2014 Volvo Ocean Race.

4 oceans. 5 continents.
11 ports. 38,739 nautical miles.

MuleBar with them at every turn of the compass.


Anna Frost. The Bear 100, 2014.

Check out our blog on Anna's win and course record on The Bear 100 ultra run.

Anna's time over 100 miles was 20hrs 59 mins, 6th overall and fastest women setting a new course record. Well done Anna. Hope the recovery is going well.

Steve Day - Singlespeed UK 2014.

Read our blog on Mule, Steve Day, and his attack on SSUK.

Trans D'Havet - Thunderbolts and Lightening.

Read this great and exciting race report by Mule, Richard Ashton, on his sadly abortive attempt on the Trans D'Havet ultra run

The Manx 100.

A race report by our Mule, Scott Cornish, of Cyclist No.1 on the epic sounding race on the Isle of Man.

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Tour de France 2014.
Yorkshire Grand Depart, Harewood House.
Read about our trip to Yorkshire for a crazy weekend sampling, talking & larking around.

Mule, Nick Coley, and his brilliant write up of Mountain Mayhem 2014.

Read it here or click on the lovely Nick to the left.

The first, original and first...again!

Mountain Mayhem 2014.

Steve Day.

1st solo singlespeed. Have a read and get inspired.

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Fort Bill downhill race report and pics'

Read the latest from our very own MuleBar Pinacolada downhill race team. They love the caffeinated Kicks energy gels...

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6 marathons, 6 days

We were really happy and proud to help conductor, Mark Eager, run 6 marathons in 6 days. His challenge called 'Crescendo Run' raised (is raising) money for The Welsh Sinfonia as Mark has "an unshakable belief that music is essential to the future health and mental wellbeing of our children and through my Crescendo Run I want to raise the profile of this issue.

Have a look at his page or click on his image for our blog post.

MuleBar, Natural, Tasty, Energy, made in UK, Rick Ashton, ultra marathon

South Downs Way 50 Ultra

A great write up by ultra-Mule, Rick Ashton, on April 5th's ultra marathon.

Have a read.

MuleBar, Natural, Tasty, Energy, made in UK, charity, cycle, bike ride

Will goes wandering.

Please read about Will's epic charity bike ride here 

An amazing endurance feat has been planned by Will all for a worthwhile charity.

MuleBar, Natural, Tasty, Energy, made in UK, beach, race, cycle, victory, George Budd

Battle on the Beach.

Read about Mule George Budd's recent victory on this rather cool looking race.

MuleBar, Natural, Tasty, Energy, made in UK,athlete, Anthony Forsyth, running, 50km

Mule Anthony wins at the Old West 50k.

Read about ultra runner Mule Anthony Forsyth's latest win in the ol' US of A.

Powered by Kicks gels...gotta love 'em.

MuleBar, Natural, Tasty, Energy, made in UK, climbing, Neil Gresham, Nepal, epic trip

Mule Neil Gresham's latest climbing epic in Nepal.

Top climber, Neil Gresham, writes about his latest epic trip to remote Nepal.

Click on the image to the left or here to read about the trip in full.

MuleBar, Natural, Tasty, Energy, made in UK, Kyrgyzstan, gels, protein bars, epic trip

Renegades out of Bounds - Kyrgyzstan 2014.

We're proud to be supporting Mike, Blake, Jock and Chris on their epic trip to Kyrgyzstan later this year. We hope the MuleBar energy bars, energy gels and protein bars give them the poke they need.

Have a read.

MuleBar, Natural, Tasty, Energy, made in UK, climbing, Neil Gresham, Vietnam, epic trip

Mule Neil Gresham's latest climbing epic in Vietnam

Please click on the image to the left or here to read about Neil's trip in full.


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The Sahara Trek - 2013

A great adventure write up from Jon Newall who raced the MDS in 2013 on MuleBar energy bars and energy gels. Please read more on Geoff Major's blog:

"The Sahara; evoking images of camels and sand dunes, and a landscape where, quite literally, people die from heat and lack of water (which was sadly true for entire families a couple of weeks ago, as covered by the BBC).
This barren landscape is 35% sand and 65% rock, but 100% inhospitable and reaches temperatures of over 50 degrees in summer, and yet I was planning on taking my eldest daughter and 17 others who had signed-up for a 5-day trek across what was, clearly, a truly barren extreme."

Read more on Geoff's blog


MuleBar, Natural, Tasty, Energy, made in UK, Neil Gresham, climber, Tijuana, Spain,

Welcome to Tijuana: Neil Gresham.

On December 18th, Mule Neil Gresham climbed his first 8c, a powerful overhanging sport route called 'Welcome to Tijuana' at Rodellar in Spain. Gresham's ascent was challenged because it coincided with the birth of his first child and he was only able to try the route for brief periods. Of the ascent, he commented:

"It has always been a goal of mine to climb 8c, but for the last fifteen years I've been distracted by other more tempting styles of climbing such as DWS, ice and exploration. It was great to get my teeth back into to a hard sport project and this route taught me more about how to reach my peak than any other. MuleBars were an instrumental part of my nutritional strategy, providing me with energy to fuel my attempts, and assisting greatly with recovery. I know 8c is old hat in global terms these days, but it was a personal goal which means the world to me."

Team SWR interview for the Dubai Tour

MuleBar, Natural, Tasty, Energy, made in UK, Anthony Forsyth, running, 100 miles, race

An amazing feat, an amazing tale - 100 miles of running... - August 2013

Ultra-runner, Anthony Forsyth, took part in his very first 100 mile race earlier this month.

Read more of the amazing tale on his blog.


Lunch time dash - August 2013

When the sun's out, you need a screen break and you've a bored dog by your feet you've just got to get out...helps if the Intern has an iPhone handy to film...Cheers Oli.

MuleBar, Natural, Tasty, Energy, made in UK, Steve Day, mountain biking, solo, mule, 1st, single-speed

Stupendous Steve - July 2013

Steve Day is one of the very original Mules.

A rider of awesome capability. In July 2013 he came 1st in the single-speed category and 2nd overall in the solo category.

Read more on our blog.

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MBG's race Tour series Jun 2013

So after five rounds of the Tour Series, London Nocturne, Velo Jam and Edinburgh Redbull Mini-Drome, as a team we are officially pooped! I once remember being told that the MBG's never race, well that has certainly changed.
MuleBar, Natural, Tasty, Energy, made in UK, Scott-Amundsen, race, 2012, south pole

The Scott-Amundsen Race Jan 2012

"On the 14th December 1911, Scott was beaten to the South Pole by the Norwegian Roald Amundsen. A century later the race was rerun by two teams from the British Army following the exact routes used by Scott and Amundsen…"



Tour de France