The story of the cereal bar

L'histoire de la barre de céréales Mulebar

The story of the cereal bar

The cereal bar was born as a simple and practical way of carrying around super-foods. It’s as useful as part of the daily routine of an athlete as it is at
snack-time for kids. As such, it’s an indispensable ally in our hectic lives.

Composed of dried fruit, fructose, spices, the cereal bar – better known today as the “energy bar”- wraps together different ingredients essential for a healthy diet in a way that is easily transportable. Just slip it into a pocket and get on with your life. The moment you start feeling hungry, it will be there for you. The energy bar has made a name for itself as something that can be eaten by sportsmen and sportswomen to maximize their performance, or by anyone who wants to eat healthily, or watch their weight. It’s also a wholesome and tasty snack that is recommended for kids. In a word, the energy bar is a top performer in the class of “sweet” foods because each of its constituents is carefully selected to make it a super-food.

The birth of the Mulebar

Mulebar’s story began in 2002 in South America. Two friends, with a shared love of extreme sport and adventure, set off to climb Aconcagua (6962m), the highest peak in the Andes. It was an experience rich in human terms but they had to abort their climb due to serious gastric problems. At that moment, they realized that what they, and the market, lacked was tasty health foods that could effectively meet the demands of such an expedition. Alex and Jimmy had found a new challenge: developing products that met the needs of the adventurers that they were. If you want a job doing well, so the saying goes, you’d best do it yourself! The humble energy bar, beloved of numerous adventurers, was destined, in their hands, to become a new-generation product that is good in every sense of the word. In no time at all, they had created a fan base among fellow sports enthusiasts for their cereal bars, which went on sale under the name Mulebar in 2007.

Why Mulebar?

During their expedition, the two friends passed through the Plaza de Mulas (Mule Square), the base camp for anyone wanting to climb Aconcagua. The square symbolised so much for them that they named their new brand after it.

Mulebar is now French.

French entrepreneurs Denis Gargaud and Grégoire Dandres, who took over the brand in 2015, are launching a new range products. These products are specifically tailored to the life we live today and yet remain faithful to Mulebar’s founding principles: 100% natural ingredients, respect for the planet and a pleasure for the taste buds.

The evolution of Mulebar products

Today, the brand offers a wide range of food products designed primarily to meet the needs of the athlete, but suitable for anyone looking for quality in what they eat. Each ingredient is meticulously selected before being combined in a new recipe that preserves an authentic taste while meeting the needs of your body when you exert yourself.

Mulebar, in a nutshell, is a range of energy bars, protein bars, energy gels and fruit pulps developed to satisfy all kinds of needs.

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