Why doesn’t dieting work in the long run?

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Why doesn’t dieting work in the long run?

Restrictive diets have always been a popular quick fix for acquiring that dream figure. Reality is less rosy as it has been shown that they are not only ineffective over the
longer term (very often we put the weight back on) but they are also bad for our health. Let’s look more closely at a practice that should be outlawed. There are times in life when it’s only natural to want to pay more attention to what you eat: you want to feel fitter, you want to lose weight for a special occasion, you’ve put on weight and want to get your figure back… Looking after yourself is one thing, slimming whatever the cost and by whatever means is quite different.

A question of balance

If you want a dream body and one that stays that way, you need to find THE dietary balance that is right for you – a balanced diet that works for you, and you alone, and takes account of the type of physical activity that suits you. It’s a balance that needs to become part of your daily life. You simply need to become aware of what’s on your plate so you can enjoy it as and when you like and get back to a normal way of eating. Those of us with a propensity to put on weight have a tendency to binge eat and, as a result, we struggle to balance our overall diet. All too often, strict diets are a way of compensating for occasional lapses. The one problem is that such diets can harm our bodies in the longer term.

Bye bye dieting!

Numerous studies have shown that 8 out of 10 of us put the kilos back on after a crash diet. Traci Mann, professor of psychology at the University of Minnesota, conducted a
in-depth 20-year study in the Health and Eating Lab into the long-term effects of dieting. In her book “Secrets from the Eating Lab”, she demonstrates that dieting doesn’t work because because it triggers weight gain. She says 80% of the people she studied put back all the weight they lost (if not more!). The problem is even more complex because we live in a society which constantly incites us to eat and takes little account of whether we feel hungry or not. We no longer listen to out bodies, whereas, according to Dr Mann, it is only by doing this, and using our brain, that we will discover our ideal body weight. This weight may not be quite weight you think it is. At the end of the day, to balance your diet, you need to eat only when we are hungry and combine that with daily physical activity. This, according to Traci Mann, will return you to your ideal weight (based on your shape, your genes, your lifestyle…) within six months and keep you at your that weight from then on, without the need for draconian diets.

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