Discovery pack – Organic & Vegan bars, gels and pulps pouches

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You want to discover the full range of Mulebar energy bars and gels and choose which fragrance you prefer or just vary pleasures… This discovery pack is for you.

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Content pack:

Energy gels 37g:

  • Cherry Bomb (Cherry): antioxidant
  • Apple Strudel (Apple cinnamon): antioxidant
  • Salted Caramel: protein (BCAA)
  • Lemon Zinger (Lemon, ginger, guarana): energy boost with 50mg of natural caffeine
  • Coffee cortado (Coffee): extreme energy boost with 100mg of natural caffeine

Fruit pulp 65g:

  • Organic fruit pulp Apricot: a liquid fruit pulp gourd for a quick energy boost
  • Organic fruit pulp Banana: a gourd of liquid fruit pulp for a fast energy supply

Energy bars 40g :

  • Mango Cashew
  • Apricot Walnut
  • Apple, raisin, cinnamon
  • Pineapple, coconut, cranberry
  • Coconut, Liquorice
  • Chocolate Orange
  • Raspberry, cranberry, blackcurrant
  • Peanut Raspberry
  • Lemon Ginger
  • Tomato Rosemary (salty)

The ingredients found in each bar can be located on their respective product page.

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Discovery pack – Organic & Vegan energy bars

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Discovery pack – Vegan energy gels

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