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A vegan energy gel of 37g.

By far the strongest gel of our line up and of the market with 100mg of natural Caffeine coming from coffee. It’s amazingly efficient to finish a race or if you need to run/bike overnight.

Mule Bar introduced re-usable energy gel pouches last year, selling the product in refill bottles that can be dispensed into 37g pouches to cut down on plastic.

Each 112 calorie serving offers around 25g of carbohydrate, made from brown rice syrup or malted barley – which carry a high glycemic index of 95, thus delivering the quick burst of energy gel users are after. These are combined with agave syrup, which has a GI index of 15, and thus adds a slower release follow up.

Each gel contains around 0.1g of Himalayan salt crystals, to help replace the goodies lost in sweat and ward off cramp.

Some options provide caffeine – such as Café Cortado which boasts a 100mg serving from coffee and guarana.

Mulebar make you a special offer to keep unspoiled nature (no more throw gels during sport competitions).


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Composition :

Brown rice syrup, Malted Barley Syrup, Agave Syrup, coffee, all-natural Guarana extract, Pink Himalayan Salt crystals.
One of the best-selling gels on the market!

Nutritional information:

Energy value kJ1268469
Energy value kCal303112
Total fat (g)0,30
Saturated Fatty acids (g)00
Total Carbohydrate (g)7427
Sugars (g)5922
Fiber (g)00
Protein (g)1,50,6
Salt (g)0.20.1
Caffeine (mg)271100

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