MuleBar Girl new kit launch at London Bike Show.

We have supported the MuleBar Girl – Sigma Sport amateur women’s cycling team for many years now, and are excited to continue this partnership on into 2015.

The girls compete across numerous cycling disciplines – from road and time trial, to cyclocross and mountain biking. Their fundamental goal is to become one of the most recognized women’s cycling teams in the UK whilst also raising the profile of women’s cycling, raising the level of competition and ultimately getting more women out and riding their bikes. And we are well behind them on that.

MuleBar energy bar and the MuleBar Girls all women cycling team

And we were fortunate enough to join the girls down at the London Bike Show earlier in the month, where they launched their brand new Mule Bar Girl – Sigma Sport race kit on the main stage. MuleBar Girl cycling team member and kit designer Anna Glowinski explains, this year we welcome new riders to our team, whilst also saying goodbye to some old, including Louise Mahe who was with us from the start and helped make the team what it is. As such, I felt the kit needed a revamp and matched a new team philosophy, whilst retaining our long standing love of a bit of glitz and glam.

Anna continues to say, it is safe to say that our new kit is ‘radically different’ but with a sense of still being on-brand and on-point. I for one feel like it's going to help me fly this year!’ 

MuleBar energy bar and the MuleBar Girls all women cycling team

As one of their headline sponsors we will continue to offer them a huge amount of support and guidance across their 2015 schedule. We feature prominently on their new kit and were given an exclusive preview ahead of the launch.

MuleBar Founder Jimmy Doherty says, ‘We are thrilled to have the MuleBar Girls team riding this year in their new cosmic kit, and it is certainly designed to make a statement and we really like it! They are a truly inspirational bunch of ladies, as not only do they excel themselves but they also encourage others to get out there and have a go. They are fast, fearless, female and fun with an appreciation for the land that they ride on. They are a formidable bunch, and we are very proud to continue our support for them’.

You can find out more about the MuleBar Girl – Sigma Sport team by visiting their blog;, or by following their team via their Facebook and Twitter accounts.


  • March 03, 2015
  • Kate McNeill
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