MuleBar athletes keep it local at the Offcamber race.

MuleBar_energy_bar_e3coach, sports nutrition MuleBar_energy_bar_e3coach, sports nutrition

At the start of Off Camber it is a mass start, so it is all about getting a good position on the start line. After rolling down a tarmac road you then turn onto a gravel track which involves a long and painful climb. To be in it to win it you have to ride with the big boys up this first climb separating yourself from the average Joes. After a flying first lap I started to lose ground and rivals began overtaking me, I think this is due to pushing so hard on the first lap. I began losing places and was out of contention for the lead. After recovering slightly and a couple of incidents with some trees I began clawing myself back into the race with punishing climbs and some technical trials. I began overtaking people in my category until I was second. Sadly I finished only 10 seconds behind the leader. Awesome race though slippery and good fun. Resulting in a 2nd. All thanks to MuleBar for providing me with the energy bars and energy gels that I needed and E3C with the fitness and the skills to ride the slippery and technical track.


  • December 08, 2014
  • Matt Willis
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