Eastern Express energy bar by MuleBar.

Some press and feedback on our savoury energy offering.


"this really is the best tasting energy bar I have ever tried" Tom Whitfield

220 Triathlon
"A curry flavoured energy bar?! Our weekends spent writing letters to
Mule HQ have paid off!"

Vertical Gear
"extend the power-hour and avoid the onset of food rage"

Cycling Weekly
Fitness Recommends MuleBar

"It's not the 1st time we've seem this attempted but its the most successful"

Family Clan
"This MuleBar would be fantastic for when you are out on your adventure..."

Tri Gear
"..which is why the new MuleBar Eastern Express came as such a pleasant surprise,
bucking the sugary trend and adding a dash of the exotic savoury."

Fell Running Guide
"It’s definitely worth a try as a change from overly sweet energy bars."

Tim Wiggins
"A savoury energy bar? That's definitely something new!"


From Sofa to Ultra
"...however, if you like Eastern food, as I do,
you will love this bar."

Ed the Cyclist
"If I had do define this bar I'd say 
it has a savoury quality to it- a bar I could 
happily eat several of on a 

big bike ride. "

Running Monkey
"The mighty good people at MuleBar have
just unleashed the deliciously unusual
(and deliciously tasty) Eastern Express
savoury energy bar"

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"Hi Chaps, bloody great job on the bar." Scott Cornish

"I never thought an energy bar could trigger the memories and flavours of Bombay curry spice but at the same time be so good for when you're legs are stinging out on the road or you're kicking up mud on the trails. " James Meakin


"You know that moment when you're out training and you really can't face another sweet bar or gel? Step in MuleBar and their brand new Eastern Express Energy Bar. Totally savoury and totally tasty. We've all helped out with the testing and developing - it always brightened the day to receive the little foil wrapped packages in the post. Now the finished product is for sale and it's darn good." Team MuleBar Girls

"Have sampled 1 whilst golfing ( half way round-essential to stave off tiredness towards end of 18 holes) and found it interesting and certainly different so thumbs up for something varied and not so sweet.
Am a fan of nuts and curry so this tickles all the right areas" Julian


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"Thanks for the bars to try. A very interesting flavour for an energy bar! I usually enjoy sweet flavour run snacks but this flavour is so different from the usual energy food that it is a proper savoury style alternative with all the benefits of usual energy products. Small, in a packet and therefore easy to carry!" Paul Navesey

"I didn't really like the new Eastern Express bar at first but it's growing on me and I now do like it! It's nice to have a change from the sweet ones sometimes and the flavour is definitely something new." Matthew Bond

"I think that the spicy flavour in the bar makes it new and exciting  and a flavour that I haven’t ever had in a bar before. But I found when eating the bar in a hurry, when riding the nuts got stuck in my throat. Saying this I really like pistachios, so I think that they are a good flavour for a bar." Tom Reid

"The new eastern express flavour was a great idea. having a savoury bar makes nutrition a lot nice especially on long rides where you can get a bit fed up of sweet." Nick Buck

"I love the new flavour. Such a nice change." Hazel Findlay

"Think I have a new fave MuleBar!" Scott Cornish


  • November 09, 2014
  • Matt Willis
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