The detox: a good or a bad idea?

Alimentation détox

The detox: a good or a bad idea?

With the approach of summer, the detox is all the rage. It has an undoubted impact on the way you look, but is it good for your health?

Sometimes, in the natural course of events, we feel a need to eat less or to cut certain products out of our daily routine. It’s as though our bodies want to tell us that it’s time to take things in hand. “Spa treatments” have been an integral part of many cultures from time immemorial. At certain times of the year (before Christmas, Easter or the summer) we put our body on pause. The idea is to eliminate toxins and start again from a healthy base. Some specialists say fasting from time to time is vital to help the body renew its cells. Some detox treatments are less restrictive than fasting but can be good for your body, your morale and your figure provided you respect certain rules.

The aim of the detox

It eliminates accumulated toxins, settles your digestive system and helps you lose a few of those extra kilos. It’s as simple as that! Many aficionados say it gives them an energy boost. They feel fitter and happier with life. Other noted benefits include improved skin tone and sleep patterns.

The risks

A word of warning! Don’t use this technique as a form of repeat dieting. This can be very damaging for your health. Limit detox treatments to two or three a year and never follow them for more than a week at a time. If you do, you risk weakening your digestive system and leaving your body deficient in nutrients it needs. If that happens, your body is likely to slip back into its old ways and rapidly put back on the kilos it has lost. Once again, it’s all a question of balance. A detox does you good provided you respect certain rules.

Detox treatment tips

– Fast for a maximum of three days: if you do this, it’s vital to stay hydrated. You must drink a lot: tea, infusions or soups to ensure your body has the fluid it needs to get you through the fast;
– Only eat unprocessed foods: for a week, eat nothing but fruit, vegetables, meat, eggs, rice, lentils… Stick to fresh foods unaltered by human hand. No packaged products and no prepared food (such as pasta);
– Water + lemon: before each meal drink a large glass of water with the squeezed juice of an organic lemon in it. You will quickly feel the benefits of this approach which is a natural way to make you eat less and more healthily;
– Green smoothies: replace one meal a day with a smoothie made from green fruits and vegetables. It’s full of the vitamins and fibre that you need;
– Cut out meat and dairy products for a week;
– Stay sugar-free: this is the height of fashion at the moment and consists of cutting quick-release and slow-release sugars or carbohydrates from your diet for a week.

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