Why you need to have a cereal bar with you at all times

La barre de céréale, un incontournable de la nutrition sportive

Why you need to have a cereal bar with you at all times

The advantage of the cereal bar is that it is a healthy food that you can easily carry around with you every day. Whatever you do in life, it can turn itself into a reassuring little snack as and when you most need it.

Whether it’s an energy bar or a protein bar, there’s every chance it will become your best ally in all sorts of different circumstances. It’s far better to anticipate the unexpected and slip it into a pocket or handbag. Look what can happen!
– A sudden craving for food during physical exertion: this, without contest, is its primary benefit. The cereal bar, in the collective consciousness, is widely considered to be the athlete’s  best friend. It is, for example, still a favourite with runners, who want something that is easy to eat, quick to open and tasty;
– A moment of weakness after physical exertion: it’s a good idea to keep a protein bar on you after training or intense physical activity. It offers your body the essential nutrients it needs to recuperate and calms that pang of hunger you can often feel shortly after practising your chosen sport;
– You fancy a snack: the cereal bar is easy to carry around with you for that moment in the afternoon when your body needs a little sustenance. The gap between lunch and dinner can be long for our stomach. A cereal bar offers us a healthy and tasty alternative to killing our hunger with the first thing we randomly lay our hands on;
– Lack of time: you skip breakfast or pick at lunch because have no time. Our advice is eat a cereal bar if you want to help maintain your nutritional balance. It goes without saying that it’s better to take the time you need to sit down and eat a balanced breakfast, but, if you haven’t time, a cereal bar will go someway to compensate. It offers you some of the nutrients you need to take you through to your next meal;
– If you have children: how many times have you heard the phrase “Mum, I’m hungry!” when you are an hour from home and the only shop on the way is a bakery or cake shop? Instead of giving your beloved off-spring fatty food to satisfy their hunger, offer them a cereal bar instead.

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