The #healthy craze on social media: why not join in !?

The #healthy craze on social media: why not join in !?

You can get some good vibes from social media. Many so-called influencers recommend a healthy lifestyle with a diet that is both balanced and tasty. They are happy to show you what’s on their plate and reveal their training schedules. As such, they are a source of inspiration for healthy living.

More than just a passing fad, healthy living has become a lifestyle choice. Looking after yourself is now mainstream. Social media have helped spark a massive realisation that we need to think care- fully about what we eat. Sport and exercise have become an essential part of feeling good about ourselves and keeping healthy. And it all started on social media. Through Instagram we can share quality images. These are essentially a new form of advertising for a new generation. Who has ne- ver salivated at the sight of a superb mixed salad or fresh fruit posted on their feed?

What’s a Food Influencer?

You could also call them “foodistas”. These are people who share nutritional insights on their social networks. In France, “food” is the third most followed subject on Instagram. In fact, we look to food influencers for inspiration when pondering what to put on our plate and how to cook it. Influencers are focusing more and more on healthy eating, or what nourishes us. “Junk food” is less and less acceptable. We all want recipes that are healthy and good for our bodies. Influencers direct their followers towards specialist brands of healthy food. They sample and offer advice. It’s lifestyle 2.0 applied to that most basic of needs – food!

Instagram accounts (in French) you might like to follow

Bien dans mon slip
Fashion may be Margot’s first love, but she now has a second account built around taking care of her body. She has had a lifestyle change, eating differently and taking up sport. She is a good source of inspiration.

Nourish naturally

Never have photos of food been as sexy as with this dietician who is full of ideas for healthy food that tastes good.

Lucile Woodward

This well-known (and likeable) French coach brings a touch of humour to her Instagram account. A mother as well as a coach and a specialist in nutrition, she offers a wealth of useful advice.

Le Canard Ivre

Christelle is a coach who is passionate about lifestyle. She has images that will set you dreaming and tips (and pictures) on addresses where you can eat out healthily.

Healthy Pauline

If you love food photographs, Pauline has what you need. She shares all her ultra-healthy recipes with her followers.

These accounts are a source of inspiration, although it goes without saying that nothing beats your own experience and advice from a nutritionist when you have more specific questions.

Influencers are, nonetheless, a phenomenon of the Internet Age and, as such, their role in promo- ting healthy living is well worth highlighting.

Mulebar and its products are very much part of this trend towards healthy food. From the outset, cereal bars have been both the perfect snack and an ideal source of food for the athlete. Mulebar has taken this concept even further by offering its customers products that are meticulously selec- ted and organic.


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