Five rules for a healthy and balanced diet

Une alimentation équilibrée, le secret d'une bonne santé

Five rules for a healthy and balanced diet

Coming to terms with the contents of your plate by learning to appreciate the simple pleasures of a healthy diet.

Balanced eating is not the same as following a restricted diet. Quite the reverse! Let’s set aside prejudice and pre-conceived ideas and focus on some golden rules for a healthy and delicious diet. Food should give us the nutrients we need to stay fit and healthy. Eating wholesome food generally gives us an energy boost, so why deny ourselves!? Here are 5 golden rules you can apply on a daily basis.

1.Drink sufficient water

It cannot be said often enough and yet this is something our body really needs. When you feel thirsty, your body is already dehydrated and insisting that you drink. Drinking
enough, a minimum of two litres of water a day, is fundamental for our state of health. Water transports dissolved substances that are indispensable for human cells. It flushes out metabolic waste such as lactic acid. It keeps your body’s internal temperature constant… and, as you will have realized by now, it does lots of other vital things.

2. Eat fruit and vegetables

You – like many other people – no doubt have the slogan “eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day” etched in your memory. That’s a good thing. It’s an expression that should ring out
in our head every time we sit down for a meal so that we remember it. Fruit and vegetables add taste and colours to all our dishes. Above all, they are a source of vitamins, minerals, fibre, antioxydants and energy. They nevertheless have few calories which allows you to satisfy your hunger without worrying about your figure. You can serve them in many different ways. Raw or cooked, steamed, seasoned… you have countless options.

3. Think good fats

You may think that eating fat is bad for you. Think again! It’s true that eating too many saturated or trans fatty acids (bad fats) can have a devastating impact on your body, but unsaturated fatty acids (good fats) are essential for your organism. A source of omega 3 and 6, they are both tasty and meet a great many of our recommended daily needs. Vegetable oil, nuts and grains, avocados, salmon, trout, mackerel, sardines, herring… these foods are rich in unsaturated fats that you need to eat in sufficient quantities to ensure a balanced diet.

4. Eat a variety of different foods

A varied diet can offer your body all the good things it needs. Innovate, try new things, experiment with different cooking styles from around the world. Each culture has a stack of good ideas that you can dig into to give a boost to the contents of your plate. Spices can turn the simplest dish into a real treat for the taste buds.

5. Cut back on refined sugar

Favour natural sugars such as honey or maple syrup. Limit your consumption of refined sugars as these can be bad for your health. Different studies have shown that sugar is addictive. The more you eat, the more you want. It goes without saying that we all like a tasty little treat from time to time, but why not try a sugar-free day once in a while.

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