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Energy compotes, energy purees, energy gourds, energy fruit pulps… there are several names for this category of sports nutrition products created by Mulebar in 2016 and followed since by several brands. This is the price of success and proof that we were right about the interest of such products. If you’re wondering what it is? What is it for? When should you use them and for what type of sports activity? Read this article and discover our Mulebar best sport energy purees.

What is a sport energy fruit puree ?

It is a fairly liquid mixture of blended fruit and/or vegetables and carbohydrates packed in a small resealable soft drink. The texture is similar to that of jam or liquid purée.

It is a practical and quick way of replenishing energy during a sporting activity. This type of product is therefore aimed at sportsmen and women. It is not a snack like a cereal bar, that’s for sure!

What is the difference between energy fruit purees and energy gels ?

We created our Mulebar vegan fruit purees in 2016 because we heard too often at trade fairs or races that sportsmen and women were saying that they no longer consumed gels. Too sweet, not natural enough, not practical enough because they cannot be resealed. So we had to create a new energy product with a cap, in a practical package, in a small format that fits in the pocket, with a pleasant taste and texture, all at an affordable price. As our DNA at Mulebar is naturalness, taste and pleasure during exercise, the idea of using fruit and vegetables seemed obvious to us.

The texture of compotes or purées is smoother and a little more nourishing than an energy gel, which is more like a syrup. They also have a much stronger fruit flavour.

Their resealable cap makes them more practical, especially for those who prefer to consume them in several portions. All brands of gels, except Mulebar, sell packages that cannot be resealed once opened.

The success of compotes is mainly due to their taste which makes these little compotes a real reward during the effort. This is the case with our organic and vegan Mulebar Banana compote. 50% banana and 50% brown rice syrup for a result that really gives the impression of having mashed a banana with a fork and added a little sugar.
Mulebar Sport Banana Energy fruit puree

How to use sports energy fruit purees ?

A compote is generally consumed pure from the gourd but some fairly fluid compotes such as Mulebar fruit pulps can also be diluted in water to make a drink. During a fairly intense activity, the correct frequency of consumption of a vegan energy puree for sport is one gourd every hour. Ideally in 3 or 4 doses rather than all at once.

The human body needs sugar (glycogen) to keep the muscles working, but it does not like deviations (“yo-yo” effect). This is why it is recommended to consume a portion of your drink during exercise to maintain a stable blood sugar level. A sip every 15 minutes, i.e. one bottle per hour, is a good frequency. If the pace is very fast, you should take more. Always drink water immediately afterwards to remove the sugar from your mouth and help with digestion.

Never wait until you feel the slump to refuel. It will be too late! Too much sugar at a time when the body is in deficit can even cause reactive hypoglycaemia.

reactive hypoglycaemia curve

Reactive hypoglycaemia usually occurs after too much sugar has been taken in. In response to this hyperglycaemia, the pancreas secretes a lot of insulin (a hypoglycaemic hormone that facilitates the storage of glucose in the muscle cells) to bring down the sugar level, but sometimes too much.

All sportsmen and women have experienced this problem at least once in their lives and usually during a competition that they missed out on! For fear of running out of energy, they take too much. It should also be recognised that some brands push consumption in their recommendations. The ideal is therefore to prepare your diet for the race during the training phase, in the weeks leading up to the competition.

Which sports are covered by energy fruit purees ?

As a rule, these are endurance sports where there may be phases of very intense effort. The best example is road cycling, triathlon or cross-country mountain biking, which are practised for hours on end but are punctuated by climbs before which it is preferable to take a little pick-me-up… so to speak! Marathons and half marathons are also big consumers, especially in the second half of the race when the legs are heavier and chewing solid food is incompatible with breathing. Finally, trail runners and ultra trail runners complete the list of athletes who are very fond of energy compotes.

We also have many hikers among our loyal customers. They are not looking for performance but for safety. It is always good to have a source of energy in your backpack in case you get hungry. The water bottles are very durable, so they are safe and can be stored for months.

How long does it take to feel the effect of an energy fruit puree ?

While an energy bar will take about twenty minutes to start being digested, a compote or an energy purée, which is very fluid, passes into the bloodstream within 5 minutes of being absorbed, like an energy gel but more nourishing and fruity.

During long activities, it is advisable to alternate the intake of solid and liquid foods, except during fast running where chewing is not possible.

Check out our 6 original Mulebar recipes

Having fun is the most important thing when you do sport because when your body gives up, it’s your mind that takes over to get you to the finish line.

As with energy bars, Mulebar was a forerunner in the fruit puree market. We have developed original recipes mixing fruit and vegetables for the first time to obtain new tastes that we never tire of. The opinions are unanimous!

The low number of ingredients in our recipes and the absence of preservatives, colourings and other synthetic flavours mean that our purees are easy to digest without any risk of stomach upsets. It’s 100% natural!

We use brown rice syrup as an energy base because this sugar does not contain fructose, the worst of all sugars, which should be avoided at all costs. Indeed, fructose is not synthesised by all the cells of the human body but only by the liver which transforms it into fat.

  • Pulpe apricot – organic & vegan
  • Pulpe banana – organic & vegan
  • Pulpe pineapple – coco – vegan
  • Pulpe orange carrot lemon – vegan
  • Pulpe sweet potatoe orange carrot – vegan
  • Pulpe strawberry – redcurrent – beetroot – vegan

Mulebar fruit purees are packaged in 65g doses in a resealable pouch called Doypack. This ultra-resistant packaging does not risk bursting in your bag or in case of a fall. It also allows for a 24 month DLUO (best before date) or DDM (best before date) without altering the quality of the blend.

With a price of €2.8 per flask, they are positioned in the average market

Range of 6 Mulebar energy compotes

Where are Mulebar fruit pulps made?

It is in the Ardèche region (South of France) that we have found our partner to source the different ingredients and to pack our pulps. As you will see on this film showing the production of our compotes, everything is automated except for the handmade labelling and the packaging.

Where do our ingredients come from ?

  • Organic Apricot – France
  • Organic Banana – Ecuador
  • Pineapple – Philippines
  • Coconut – Singapore, Indonesia
  • Strawberry – Poland, Morocco, Turkey
  • Redcurrant – Poland, Denmark
  • Beetroot – France
  • Orange – Spain
  • Carrot – France
  • Lemon – Spain
  • Sweet potato – France, Spain

Try our Mulebar fruit purees, you really won’t be disappointed. Just take a look at the reviews of our customers in the forums or on our website. If you don’t do sports where fruit purees can be useful, take a look at our Mulebar energy bars and protein bars.

Mulebar energy fruit puree range

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