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Benefits of vegan sports nutrition

More and more athletes are opting for vegan sports nutrition. How is it possible to achieve optimum performance without meat, eggs or dairy products? How do vegans meet their protein requirements? Isn’t this diet ‘incomplete’ in terms of essential nutrients? In this article, we explore the benefits of vegan sports nutrition, a rapidly expanding category in endurance sports, bodybuilding and fitness.

Antioxidant fruit and vegetable basket

Antioxidant sports gels benefits

Many sports nutrition brands promote the presence of antioxidants in their ingredients or the antioxidant function of some of their products. Let’s take a look at what these antioxidants are.

Les avantages du sirop de riz brun dans la nutrition sportive

Nous avons choisi d’utiliser du sirop de riz brun biologique comme base glucidique de nos gammes de barres énergétiques, de purées de fruits et de gels énergétiques Mulebar. Les glucides, dans un produit de nutrition sportive, ont pour rôle principal de reconstituer les stocks de glycogène, première source d’énergie pour l’organisme et facteur principal de la performance sportive.

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Which energy gels for the marathon ?

The season of endurance road races (10km, 20km, half marathon and marathon) is starting again. Eating during a race is really crucial during physical effort, especially if it lasts a long time. As it is very difficult to chew while running, the consumption of energy bars is limited to before the race, 30 minutes before the start and after the race in case of hunger with a protein bar. During the race, it is better to consume liquid gels. Here are some tips on how to choose and consume your energy gels for a marathon.

The benefits of soy protein for athletes

Soy protein is full of virtues due to its composition which includes all the amino acids. It is an excellent alternative to animal proteins, except of course for people who are intolerant to them. It is a perfect ingredient for nutritional recovery products aimed at repairing muscle fibres broken during physical activity.

Pea protein has a lot of benefits for athletes

Quels sont les avantages de la protéine de pois pour le sport ?

La gamme de barres protéinées vegan Mulebar compte deux références. Une au chocolat à base de protéine de soja et une à la fraise et aux amandes à base de protéinée de pois. Voyons dans cet article quels sont les bienfaits de cette protéine végétale plus méconnue que les autres et pourquoi la protéine de pois est idéale pour le sport.

Mulebar energy bars line up is good for food rebalancing

What exactly is food rebalancing ?

Forget about restrictive diets which are of no use in the long term. The human body hates deficiencies. It will make you pay sooner or later. You need to eat everything in reasonable quantities and at the right frequency, all adapted to your lifestyle. Learn how to achieve your weight loss goals more quickly by taking an interest in rebalancing your diet.

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What is the best energy gel for sport ?

An energy gel for sport allows you to recharge your batteries during exercise.
Mulebar packs its gels in 37g resealable tubes that can be reused thanks to their eco-refills. They’re the only ones of their kind in the world!
Let’s take a look at their other benefits.

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What is the best sports energy bar ?

An energy bar for sports allows you to eat easily, anywhere and at any time. It meets the energy needs of sportsmen and women during their favourite activities as well as those of “Mr and Mrs” as a snack to satisfy a small hunger at the office, in the car or at home. This makes it an indispensable ally for our hectic lives.

Une nutrition sportive et gourmande

Des ingédients naturels et de qualité !