“In becoming a member of 1% For The Planet, we donate 1% of our revenue to the following organizations:
Ne Jetez Plus, Mountain Riders, and Mountain Bikers. These organizations are very active in alpine preservation.”

Ne jetez plus !

Outdoor sports activities attract a growing number of participants every year. The organizers consider the natural beauty and the competitor’s satisfaction when choosing their event locations. During these physical trials competitors are driven by their competitive spirit, nevertheless, this should not deter them from maintaining the utmost respect for their surroundings. During these outdoor competitions, the participants have a shared responsibility to not sully or damage the trails taken.

Ne Jetez Plus! Reminds all of its participants that in respecting nature we respect ourselves. This awareness campaign is lead by a large number of cyclists who can be found at Ne Jetez Plus! booths and by members of the Montpelier Sud Vélo Club.

Prior to the start of their events, members of SUD VELO meet with other cyclists to discuss their mission and raise awareness about environmental problems in order to discourage throwing away energy bar wrappers and gels in nature.


Mountain Riders

Mountain Riders is a lively group of free-roaming sheep that are passionate and committed. Since 2001, they have been organizing and educating others about sustainable development.

From hills to summits to ski slopes, Mountain Riders is committed to changing the way we engage with and live amongst mountains. From the Pyrenees to the Jura Mountain, from the Massif Central to the Alps and up to the hill of Montmartre, Mountain Riders’ goal is to raise awareness without preaching.

Taking action includes: inspiring children and young people to be agents of change; motivating members to support sustainable development; supporting and mentoring tourist agencies; and getting citizens and our elected officials involved. With the help of educational tools and concrete actions such as their cleanup efforts following the thaw, Mountain Riders is committed to galvanizing all parties. Their strength is their boldness, innovation and persistent action. Thanks to their initiatives, Mountain Riders embodies the change that we want to see in this world.


Mountain Bikers

Mountain Bikers Foundation (MBF) is a National resource center that brings cyclists together for sustainable development and responsible mountain biking practices.

MBF strives to unite all mountain bikers in support of sustainable development.

MBF has three goals:

  • The conservation of mountain biking trails

  • Raising awareness amongst cyclists

  • The promotion of safe and environmentally friendly biking practices.

MBF works with mountain bikers to help raise awareness about their initiatives. They also work closely with different institutions to help develop their ideas and to avoid bans put forth based on a lack of knowledge.

The Mountain Bikers Foundation is a non-partisan association whose goal is to bring together cyclists to help protect the environment and work to conserve mountain biking activities.