We work on one very simple, very clear principle - the less processed the foods and the closer the food that you are eating is to its natural state, the better it will be for your body.

Based up in the hills in Wiltshire, UK, we live and breathe everything we make. We test it on our own rides and adventures and then test it on our world-class athletes and champions like Marcel Zamora and ultra-runner Anna Frost who help us fine tune our natural approach.

We make everything in the UK with ethically sourced ingredients from the best producers worldwide. For example the wild-grown, Fairtrade apricots from the Hunza Valley in Pakistan are probably the best tasting in the world.

All our flavour names, like Piñacolada, Liquorice Allsports, Strudel and Mango Tango speak of great taste, real food and ingredients you can trust to never let you down.

Everything we make is Fuel for Adventure, great tasting real food to drive you on to your personal goals. 

Made in Great Britain