Mixed Box energy bars - 30 bars


Available through MuleBar direct, the ever popular mixed energy bar option. Description Features This mixed box contains the following: Mango Tango x 4, Hunza Nut x 4, Apple Strudel x 4, Summer Pudding x 4, Jimmy's Chocolate Orange x 4 Pinacolada x 2, Liquorice Allsports x 2 MuleBar Mixed Box energy bars features. Natural ingredients Selected bars are Fairtrade & Organic...

Mango Tango energy bar - box of 30


Mango & cashew flavour MuleBar energy bar. One of our original rockin' flavours. The Fairtrade mango just bursts on to your tongue. Description Features Nutrition To create this bursting-with-flavour MuleBar, we have taken the highest quality, Fairtrade dried mango from Uganda, and added some antioxidant cashew nuts to our own high energy, natural base that makes up all our bars....

Peanut Punch energy bar - box of 30


Our newest step forward brings unrivalled flavours to the MuleBar stable. Enjoy the buzz of sweet raspberry and crisp savoury peanuts in this classic tea time treat. Description Features Nutrition MuleBar is totally natural tasty ENERGY, named after the mountain mules that carried our climbing gear up to basecamp in the Andes. Smooth peanut butter with a sweet twist of real raspberry -...

Hunza Nut energy bar - box of 30


Fairtrade apricot and walnut flavour MuleBar energy bar. This bar just tastes so good, especially with a cup of tea. Description Features Nutrition In the Hunza Valley of Northern Pakistan, the apricot is referred to as Hunza Gold. This evocative name was the original name for this bar (until someone's lawyer told us we couldn't call it that). That aside,...

Jimmy's Choc Orange energy bar - box of 30


If Neil Gresham rates this MuleBar energy bar as his favourite, make it yours. Fairtrade chocolate and raisins, compostable wrapper and unparalleled taste. Description Features Nutrition This is it - the one, the only. Our greatest tasting energy bar so far... It's smooth, melts in your mouth & not in your hand and it gives the usual MuleBar kick of...

Piñacolada energy bar - box of 30


There is no rum in this MuleBar energy bar, just naturally chosen ingredients. Sports nutrition at its best. Description Features Nutrition Exactly what you'd think is in this energy bar - a slice of pineapple with a heavenly shot of coconut. For an added surprise topping we've added Chinese Goji berries for their vitamin C enhancing capabilities. We are searching...

Summer Pudding energy bar - box of 30


Taste the summer all year round with MuleBar Summer Pudding energy bar. Description Features Nutrition This delicious bar was created to celebrate MuleBar being the Official Energy Bar to the Tour of Britain road race (2009 - 2011). A pudding of a bar with raspberries, cranberries and blackcurrants. It’s full of kickin’ energy like all our products and is one...

Liquorice Allsports energy bar - box of 30


For all you liquorice, pastis or fennel fans, this is THE energy bar. A constant surprise amongst our MuleBar customers. Description Features Nutrition A lot of feedback from triathletes, cyclists and other long distance athletes has been that it would be great to have something which isn't another fruit energy bar. Here's the first. Liquorice is exceptionally good for the...

MuleBar. Natural Tasty Energy Bars.

The MuleBar energy bar story starts with us high in the Andes on Aconcagua, back in 2002. 

Guides supplied us with a host of different bars which made our stomachs bad and we knew immediately we could make better energy bars at home. After making prototypes in our kitchens, we pedalled them around races to have people try them. We rode the Trans Scotland stage race, then the Cape Epic and kept testing them until we knew...

All our energy bar flavour names, like Peanut Punch, Piñacolada, Liquorice Allsports, Strudel and Mango Tango speak of great taste, real food and ingredients you can trust to never let you down.


MuleBar energy bar features

  • Available in 7 original and tasty flavours
  • No synthetic ingredients, artificial preservatives, colourings, flavourings or palm oil
  • Fairtrade certified
  • Suitable for vegetarians