MuleBar Girl Di & the Lisbon 1/2 Iron Man.


I selected Lisbon simply because it was an early season tri and easy to get to. It’s the biggest triathlon Portugal hold, so I knew it would be well organised.



The swim 1.9km was in an outlet from the sea, quite a simple swim course and the water was warm in comparison to the UK. It was a mixed open water start, it was a little brutal to start with but I soon found my position in a small group. I came out of the water first female age grouper. So I was happy with my swim, on to the 90k it was a 4 lap route mainly on the freeway, which was undulating but not silly flat or hilly. I settled into my pace and focused on ensuring my nutrition was correct, I took a Mule Bar gel each laps and used one Mule Bar bar just before I went out on the run. I found the gels easy to take, I saved my Salted Carmel gel for when I needed a pick up, they are so nice. I used Rubena Syrinx tyres which were fast rolling and responsive. I came off the bike 1ST in my age group and in the pro field I was definitely in the mix. The run is not my strength but I knew I had to give it my best, I knew I’d have the MuleBar Girls behind me tweeting and following my progress.



The run was again 4 laps so fairly easy to break down in my head. I settled into my pace and just ran my own race. On the second lap I was over taken by a  PRO girl and I thought I need to try to keep with her so pushed on for a little while sticking to pro athlete Katarina Larsson like glue, we chatted together for a while and I honestly haven’t ever meant a pro triathlete as nice as her, she didn’t care I was an age grouper beating her, she encouraged me to run with her, told me how great I’d done and was such a great sport, we had a laugh and lap 2 paced quickly, I knew I couldn’t hold her pace so had to drop back, but really enjoyed her company if only for a short time. (so please give her a shout if anyone out there is into triathlon) the rest of my race went well, I just kept it going and crossed the finish line in a time of 4hour 40mins, 1st overall age grouper and joint 5th on the Pro list, I couldn’t have been happier. I have the most amazing sponsors and team, I felt v proud to be a MuleBar Girl as always.


  • May 12, 2015
  • Matt Willis
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