MuleBar thanks RunrunLondon for their great review of two of our energy bars.

Liquorice, Spicy Mix with Pistachio, Summer Pudding, Apple Strudel, and Pinacolada are a few of the far from norm flavours offered up by MuleBar and their energy bars. Hunza and Tango Mango are on offer too for with those with ever so slightly less adventurous tastes.

Aside from the uniquely unusual flavour line up the bars sport organic ingredients, are Soil Association approved, many of the ingredients are Fairtrade, and a percentage of profits go to the 1% for the Planet campaign.

All good so far then, especially when many of us can have difficulty processing some of the less natural energy bar offerings available and in an ideal world prefer to buy product from manufacturers that have a more ethical outlook.

MuleBar energy bars, Less than traditional flavours

MuleBar Energy Bars – Less than traditional flavours

So then, how does the Mulebar suit a runner needing that extra fuel kick?*

I’ll be honest, and as a fan of the black stuff,  I went straight for the Liquorice option. Simply it seemed the easiest way to start when faced with such an offbeat line up. On the face of it would be all too easy to think that there’s absolutely nothing subtle about the MuleBar flavour choices, however as it turns out the tastes are actually far more delicate than expected. The Liquorice bar certainly tastes like just as liquorice should, which is of course good, however it’s not an overpowering sensation and as it goes it turns out to be completely palatable before or even during a run.

The apple strudel was next to be consumed pre run. Who can honestly say they’ve thought of chomping down on anything Apple Strudel flavoured before, during, or after a run? – not me for sure. When I did the apple taste was refreshing, yes refreshing, and the Cinnamon, just a slight hint but recognisably Cinnamon.

The texture of both of these MuleBar offerings felt decidedly lighter than many other energy bar’s on the market. Coupled with a smooth and chewy quality these MuleBars might well be one of the most suitable energy snacks for runners. Soft and moist they are, however they’re substantial enough to ensure an energy hit whilst at the same time not being too heavy, sweet, crumbly, or impractical to eat mid run.

MuleBar energy bars,

A respectable protein/carbs balance

The overriding impression of both the Liquorice and Apple Strudel bars are the delicate flavours. A welcome break from the sometimes overly sweet taste that’s all too common with many other energy bars available. This in itself gives a perception that the energy in the MuleBar isn’t solely supplied through a high sugar content. Depending on the specific bar there’s roughly 200cal – 250cal per bar, around 60% carbs and 7% protein.

So far the MuleBars are winning me over in a fairly big way. Still a number of taste adventures to come and expecting good things from the remaining flavours.

*Product tested during a mix of city road runs between 10k and 16k. Mulebar kindly provided several samples for review purposes – which is pretty great.



  • January 06, 2015
  • Matt Willis
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