MuleBar Eastern Express.

Evans Cycles customer review of the month.

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This months customer review was written by Steven O. who tried the MuleBar Energy Bar in their new(ish) “Eastern Express” flavour - as usual, he wins a £250 voucher which he tells us he’ll be spending on upgrades for his bikes – starting with new tyres!

Here’s what he wrote: 

A party in my mouth!

I don’t often use energy products as I’m admittedly no Olympian, and was firmly put off my the Power Bars of the ’90′s, but I do enter local cross country races and the odd sportive a few times a year. On these occasions I find most energy bars and gels far too sweet and sickly but have recently been introduced to the Mulebar brand.

I haven’t tried all the flavours in the range but the first time I chewed on any it was the Mango flavour. I expected the usual bland sugary chomp but was greeted with amazing flavours and a particularly palletable texture too.

I was impressed but recently I bought and tried the “Eastern Express” flavour, mostly out of curiosity.

To say I was stunned would be selling it short. The bizarre but perfect blend of spice, sweet, nutty flavours nearly knocked me off my bike. Imagine a handful of that Bombay mix you got in bowls at parties in the 80′s, but actually tasty. I know! Throw in some pistachios and seeds, I even think some ginger was in there, and it truly is a party in your mouth. A party without the sickly sweet aftertaste you need to wash out of the carpet that is.

OK I might be pushing the analogy a bit far but the point is this bar delivers what you need without tasting like it’s made from its own wrapper. It’s easy to eat and doesn’t leave you hunting for water to wash the taste away. For that alone it’s worth it’s weight in gold.

I’ll be sure to try all the other flavour now – I’m definitely intrigued by the liquorice one – but the Eastern Express will take some beating!

Oh and it’s all natural and veggie and organic and all that stuff too, so you can feel good about buying it if that’s your thing. Just take your wrappers home with you!

  • December 03, 2014
  • Matt Willis
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