"Team England placed an exceptional 8th out of 34 countries"

The bulldog takes on the bear.

England's best kettlebell athletes return from Germany.

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549 Athletes, 34 countries and 3 days. This November the biggest event the kettlebell sports world had ever seen took place. Team England placed an exceptional 8th out of these 34 countries

Results in no particular order for England team

Mark Stroud: Long Cycle   38yrs

Pro 2x32kg

39 reps (new PB at body weight)


Will Dollar: Long Cycle    36yrs

Pr 2x32kg

61 reps (+5 rep PB)

(Master of sport equivalent. British record holder)


Andrew Bellamy: Biathlon    56yrs

Veteran 2x24kg

Jerk 55 (+12 rep PB)

Snatch 108


Dan Jones:

Biathlon Pro 2x32

Jerk 66

Snatch 88


Simon Trenholm:

Biathlon Amateur 2x24

Jerk 81

Snatch 134


Laurence Clemente: Long Cycle

Amateur 2x24kg

70 reps (Bronze Medal)


Chris Peil: Long Cycle

Amateur 2x24kg

70 Reps (Silver medal)


Ste Gordon: Long Cycle

Pro 2x32kg

36 reps


Ladies Snatch events:


Gemma Louise Bullock: Snatch

Amateur 16kg

Snatch 153 reps


Becky Fraser: Snatch

Amateur 16kg

Snatch 143reps


Anna Plumridge: Snatch

Pro 24kg

Snatch 82reps



Chris Skeets: Snatch

Veteran 12kg

185 reps  (Silver Medal)

  • November 26, 2014
  • Matt Willis
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